15 January 2012

Get Started on Your Home Filing system

How many times have you had tried to get your papers filed? Decide on minimum daily steps to get you started. Here's a list to get you started:A Simple List of Daily Actions to Control Paper Clutter.

04 April 2011

The Stuff of a Good LIfe in No Particular Order http://ping.fm/gqGkh

23 March 2011

I'd love to hear how you have taken back-up action. What products or services do you use and trust? On a Cloud or In a Box?

16 December 2010

The Simple Secret to Living with Less Paper Clutter is Not What You Think

15 October 2010

Letting Go of Your Stuff - 3 More Questions to Ponder http://ping.fm/GxSu0

06 October 2010

What Do I Do? Good Question. http://ping.fm/3LO80

13 May 2010

Somethings Just Need a Fresh Coat.

I am always so inspired by all the wonderful creativity rampant on this online world. A recent post at the inspired room really got me motivated to do something with my grey blah shed.

So, I whipped out my paint brush, Martha's Talc paint and spent the day in the sunshine. It's not perfect and it certainly needs a new roof. (your creative suggestions are welcome!)

I would love to have a new shed that looks as perfect and lovely as my motivation. But for now, this will do just fine. Even on a grey day it doesn't look so dreary.
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