26 September 2009

8 Things I LOVE about my House.


Mom and dad visited for the first time this weekend. I have been holding them off forever. We have been in our house for about a year and a half and have done a lot, but.. we still have a lot to do. Just taking a couple minutes to be grateful for all of it.

01. The Small Bathrooms. Although a bit bigger would be nicer, small is really easy to clean.

02. Big Windows in Every Room. Our last house was a townhouse with windows in the front and back only. Natural light rocks!

03. The Big Bedrooms. All the bedrooms are a really nice size. Big enough for double, if not queen size beds. Space is good.

04. The Sleeping Porch. A bright small space that feels like a tree house, perfect for book reading and coffee sipping.

05. The Backyard. Fenced in, sunny parts, shady parts and not so big that it requires a full day of lawn mowing.

06. Front Porch. I have always wanted a front porch and it is a perfect gathering place for friday evening cocktails.

07. The Finished Bedroom and Office. The guest room and office are done. The master bedroom, so close.

Finally and most importantly...

08. The Neighborhood. I love, love where we live. We are surrounded by authentic people, fabulous history and small town charm in a big city.

07 September 2009

Bedroom is Stripped, Sanded, Patched, Primed...

It is a great day! The Bedroom is ready to paint.

During - Stripped- Sanded - Patched Almost Paint Read

Everything has been stripped, sanded, patched, wiped down and primed.
The closet is built. The old doors we used for the closet walls give the room a touch of my quirky style.

During - Master Bedroom - Closet w/Trim

I will be painting the walls with American Pride "Aged Paper". Same color I painted the home office. I adore this color. It is very comfortable.

I decided a while back that the majority of our rooms will be painted soft neutral shades. As much as I love color, a whole room of color can grow rather tiresome quickly. I will pop color with accents and fabrics.

This has been a VERY long project. Stripping paint is tedious. It is messy and dirty and goopy. But I can't wait to pick up that Corona Minipro Red today!

The renovation part of this project is almost finished. Finding the motivation to start the next one is going to be challenge. Thank goodness there are only two rooms upstairs left to strip and a super thank goodness for the Silent Paint Remover.
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