13 May 2010

Somethings Just Need a Fresh Coat.

I am always so inspired by all the wonderful creativity rampant on this online world. A recent post at the inspired room really got me motivated to do something with my grey blah shed.

So, I whipped out my paint brush, Martha's Talc paint and spent the day in the sunshine. It's not perfect and it certainly needs a new roof. (your creative suggestions are welcome!)

I would love to have a new shed that looks as perfect and lovely as my motivation. But for now, this will do just fine. Even on a grey day it doesn't look so dreary.

10 May 2010

How to Create Healthy Meal Plans - Start with Fresh Local Food http://ping.fm/xhC5n

05 May 2010

How to Set-up a Really Good Home Filing System to Get All Your Papers Organized http://ping.fm/QRWfP
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