10 August 2009

The Transformation of a Home Office.

Here's a peak at the new home office space.

Almost Done - Home Office. A peek from the Sleeping Porch

I was organizing my photos in the new iphoto and came across shots of my previous home offices. Ugh, I look at the first couple photos and think I can't believe I could work in such a dark and dreary space. (but I was feeling a bit dreary at that point in my life and it shows!) I set this up in our old basement with stuff I had around the house. This was my first official home office, dated 2002. I think. Notice the really old Mac. I really didn't need a home computer at that time because I was never home. I was always at work. Always.

Basement - First Home Office

These shelves were the first real DIY project my husband and I did together. They were ugly but functional.

Basement - First Home Office

The office moved up to the open airy empty loft when I started working from home full time. I created a simple and bright space using inexpensive storage options from ikea We wanted to move. It was just a matter of when. So, spending a lot of money for the space was silly.

Loft - Home Office

09 August 2009

Home Office. Almost Done.

During - Removing Plaster from Home Office Chimney
Before - Home Office - Desk Area
Before - Office

After stripping and sanding trim. After removing plaster from the old chimney. After prepping, priming and painting. After working on a old table in the dining room for almost a year, I moved into my home office a couple months ago. I am still working on the final decorating details, like the color of the cabinet, curtains and a few things for the wall. But the new light is hanging and I am loving my new creative space.
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