30 December 2005

Just Organize Your Stuff

Why Get organized?

More Time.

Good records provide facts necessary to shorten the time it takes to do almost anything. Easily resolve an issue, file insurance claims, collect government benefits, prepare income tax returns,order a pizza or find something when you need it.

More Money.

Good records provide proof of agreements made and costs paid. Spend less replacing things you misplaced or repairing things you never had time to maintain.

Less Chaos.
If or when someone makes a mistake or official records are lost or destroyed, your records may be needed to support claims. Because nobody is perfect, keeping good records verifies agreements, transactions, ownership and personal wishes.

Emergency Preparation.

In the event of an accident or emergency, good records support personal information, financial and health history and ownership. Provide medical professionals information that may be critical to your care or the care of a loved one.

Income Tax Support.

Uncle Sam makes it your responsibility to supply proof to support tax returns. Keeping good records substantiate your tax deductions.

Identity and Financial Protection.

Banks and others make it your responsibility to clear up debt with all financial accounts in your name, whether you created the account or not. Keeping good records helps make this overwhelming task a bit more bearable.

Ownership Protection.

Keeping good records provides the support necessary to settle estates, file for insurance claims or express wishes regarding ownership transfer.

Goals and Personal Support.

Keeping good records provides all the details necessary to help you ponder and achieve life's dreams.


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spencer said...

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