31 December 2005

More of Everything that is Good in Life.

That is my New Year's Resolution.

I admit New Year’s has never been one of my favorite holidays. I used to think the coming year was going to be so much easier and so much better than previous year. Make a few resolutions and everything will change.

I have come to accept a lot about those expectations recently. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore. Instead, one commitment I made a few years ago is helping me have more of everything.

I made a commitment to eliminate the chaos, clutter and crap in my life. That meant cleaning out my closets and quitting my job. It meant getting organized and staying organized.

It meant letting go of a lot of things.

Well here I am, three years later, and I have more of everything. I have more time for family and more energy to enjoy life. I am more creative, charitable and patience. I eat better, exercise more and have less stress.

I am still working on more money, but when you quit your job to follow a dream, you have to be willing to work a little bit harder for some things.

I love the New American Dream’s take on the Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions.

This blog is for all of you who want to make one commitment that could help you realize many or all of your New Year’s Resolutions.

Wishing you more of everything that is good in life and much joy!

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Anonymous said...

I want life to be easier. I want to pay less for utlilties, taxes,organic food and my mortgage. I want the war to be over now and people to follow Jesus instead of the all mighty dollar. I want more time for friends and family and to finally figure out the direction of my life.

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