02 January 2006

01 One Simple Rule : Helping You Organize Life.

Use it, need it or toss it, unless it makes you smile. This one simple rule can help you keep everything in your life organized.

The main focus of is to help you get your personal papers and information organized. But eliminating clutter in all areas of your home and life will certainly help you find balance.

Just start with a few small things. The feeling you get from letting something go will snowball. Take a few minutes each day to get rid of something you no longer need or use. If you haven’t used IT or needed IT in the past year, it is time to let go. If IT is still in good working condition you may want to or

Be honest with yourself. Selling and trading stuff take time and energy. What is your time worth to you? Someone may truly benefit from your generosity. Stop hanging onto things because you think you can make a few bucks. Having more space and less clutter is worth a lot more that a couple dollars.

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