05 January 2006

Second Thought : Don't Toss Your Manuals

Some organizing experts suggest tossing your product manuals. Reason being, “You can just get online to find the information you need.”

It is a good chance you will have to refer to a manual during the life of any product, so I have to respectfully disagree. I like my paper references for so many reasons.

1. What if your computer is experiencing “technical difficulties”?
2. What if your internet "connection goes down"?
3. What if there is a "power outage"?
4. Even if you can get online, how long will you have to search for the information you “specifically need"?
5. After finally finding the information, you’re probably going to want to print it out, because your computer doesn't provide "viewing flexibility".
6. Now what if your printer is experiencing “technical difficulties”?

I could go on…but in my humble opinion : Save some time and fileyour manuals.

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