07 January 2006

Do You Know : What’s in your wallet?

If your wallet was lost or stolen, how quickly could you notify all your financial institutions? What phone number would you call? What if you were on a trip and didn’t have quick access your files?

It could take forever to locate all the number on all your cards. Besides that, could you even remember everything you had in your wallet? Save yourself some time and reduce stress. Make a copy of all the important stuff in your wallet. Front and back. Then file it away in a very safe and secure place.

If you have a computer and scanner, it takes less than 15 minutes!

01 Step : Review. Take everything out of your wallet and check it out. Ask yourself…Do I need to be carrying this with me? Does it have my social security number on it? (If the answer is yes to this question, it should not be in your wallet.)

02 Step : Scan. Arrange as many cards as possible on your scanning bed and scan.

03 Step : Scan. Flip to scan the other side.

04 Step : Print. You may wish to print the document containing the front of your cards and then flip the paper to print on the back.

05 Step : Check. Review your printouts. Make sure you can read the contact phone numbers. It may help to write the phone number next to the card. (Those numbers are always printed so small!)

06 Step : Delete. Any scans you saved on your hard drive. You don’t need them. And make sure you shred any printed pages you are not going to file safely away.

07 Step : File. The pages you just created should be kept in a secure location. File in your Vital File.

Please Note : If your Drivers License, (or any card for that matter) is displaying your Social Security Number it is time to request a new one. It’s may even be law.

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