16 January 2006

How To : Keep a Contact Log

If you are making a request, seeking information or attempting to correct a problem, you'll want a record of what has been advised, promised or denied from individuals or companies your are dealing with. A simple note in your household notebook will help jog your memory for basic maintenance and service. But if your situation requires ongoing contact, a dedicated contact log may be needed.

A detailed log includes:

01. Date
02. Contact Name
03. Company Name
04. Phone Number
05. Discussion Points
06. Action Required
07. Agreements Made
08. Confirmation Numbers

After contact, confirm in writing your discussion, include actions required, agreements made and timetable for completion. Make sure to send confirmations by return receipt requested mail. If you fax or email, request a written response for receipt of confirmation.

Download JOYS™ Contact Log if you want to add a log to any subject in your household notebook.

If you prefer to keep your log on you computer, check out My Little Note Saver shareware for your pc or Mac Journal for your mac. But remember, logging on the computer doesn't carry as much weight in court.

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