20 May 2009

New Inspiration. New Direction.

We moved over a year ago and since then I have been struggling to get myself re-organized. My business and our life. I had all my systems in place and everything in it's place on Amethyst Lane. It was simple to write about getting organized when I was organized. Now, not so simple. Now, I feel like a hypocrite as I am surrounded by renovation clutter and stuff that doesn't have a place.

Life was pretty easy before. I guess that is why we decided it was time for a change.
Change is a wonderful thing. It comes with lots of surprises. Stepping out of our comfort zone was necessary to have the life we dreamed of. Part of that dream included a beautiful old house in a wonderful neighborhood.

Needless to say I had grandiose plans. The renovations would go quick and I could go back to 150% focus on growing JOYS. Reality finally struck me this past week.

My idea of "perfection right now" is ridiculous.

We are making great progress but the house will be finished when the house is finished. It's time to just make it work. (thanks, tim gunn). Make my rooms all they can be right now with what I have. If I can finish a room, great! If it requires big project dollars. The money will come, I am sure of it. In the meantime, be creative and enjoy what we got ourselves into.

I think I am ok knowing, it's ok, to just do all I can each day. That a plan is great, but a plan can change and when it does the inspiration in the detour will make the outcome even better.

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