25 May 2009

This Weekends Top Ten!

10. Fabric store on Friday to find curtain fabric for guest room.

09. Door and shelves in guest rooms sanded, painted and back where they belong. Thanks honey!

08. Blueberry and raspberry bushes planted. Thanks honey!

07. New bud on our new rose bush, can't wait to see the full pink and orange bloom.

06. Dimmer installed and switch plates and outlet covers updated.
05. Radiator scraped, primed and painted.

04. Ceiling fan light kit updated.

03. Great dinner and conversation with new friends.
02. Great cookout and conversation with old friends.
01. Floor in guest room, cleaned and polished!

Even though the old light kit was hideous (and is now on freecycle) and changing the light went a lot smoother than I anticipated, past experiences with anything electrical have been a three day affair; the floor was my favorite week-end project. The floor is always my favorite. I love cleaning my floors, because it means a room is ready to move into. Finally and thank-you!

Much Joy all, especially to those who are serving, have loved ones serving or have served our great country. Thank-you!

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