09 June 2009

A Little Action in My Kitchen.

One of the first things I did when we moved into our new house was recreate our Action Center.

This was a simple and effective way to keep papers off the dining table and in a place. It had three containers. File. Use. Act. It worked great in our old house, but with all the responsibilities in the new house we needed something more.
So, I tried a full out tickler.

43 Folders + Actions Tickler File
31 Days, 12 Months and a few actions. Too much for us. The Basic Tickler worked so much better for our lifestyle.
So, I modified to a monthly tickler.

12 Folders + Actions
12 Months and about 6 Actions. I think this will be perfect. The only thing I might add would be a few years. Like Next Year, 2 Years...

The monthly with the actions is working like a charm. The best part is my husband is actually using it. After creating this for our space, I decided to write a little tickler file instructional booklet and create some pdf labels for JOYS.

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