04 January 2010

Inspired to Plan Healthy Delicious Meals

Up until last week I wasn't really planning a weekly menu.
I have not been super inspired to cook in my kitchen, as my kitchen is less than inspiring. The blah of my kitchen totally reflected in my food. Boring. Dull. Same.

Everyone participating in I am an Organizing Junkie - Menu Plan Monday has inspired me. I know I need appreciate my current kitchen more—to eventually have the kitchen of my dreams. The only way to truly appreciate a kitchen is to keep it clean, uncluttered and put lots of love into healthy meals.

My focus will be 80% Vegetarian with local, seasonal ingredients as much a possible.
The majority of my recipes will come from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian: Simple Meatless Recipes for Great Food by Mark Bittman.

This week I will be making -

Cold Sesame Noodles
Hearty Winter Veggie Burgers
Tofu Stuffed Wonton
Cheese Souffle
Eggplant Parm

There was a time when I would look at vegetarian recipes and...yuck.
But if the few meals I have already prepared from this cookbook are any indication of what is to come... I can't wait. The flavors are delicious.

My weekly menu planning form.
(You can plan your meals with this form too. It is an acrobat editable file.)
My monthly menu planning calendar.
(Not sure if I am ever going to be this proactive, but some of you may find this handy.)

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