12 January 2010

A Make it Work - Modge-Podge Organized Home Office

I have been very conscious of waste. I use what I have, when I can. Functionality in a home office is priority. If it functions and I can slap a coat of paint on it to make it pretty, I use it.

My home office is a modge-podge of old family stuff (the cabinet storage), dumpster dives (the wood filing cabinet), and renovation scraps (the built in shelves). Even my desk is a combination of an old kitchen table and more contemporary ikea piece that didn't work with my style.

I found, in all the chaos of home renovations, that I didn't need as much as I though I needed in my office space. Thank goodness, because I also didn't have a huge furniture budget. You can read more about my home office here. One Essential Element of the Perfect Home Office

Get creative. Use what you have.


French Revelation said...

Found your blog on 31everything. I love that eclectic style of office space.

Fern said...

Ooo... I love your brick wall! Very nice, organized office space :)

Kimm at Reinvented said...

I love your home office, especially those cool wall pockets! Thanks for linking up.

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