17 October 2009

And on the 655th Day, There Was Heat.

I know you can't feel it. But I can.

After a day outside in the cold rain and our first year freezing our butts off, it's fantastic to feel the heat coming out of our old radiators. The new bling paid off. Thank-you!

Hi Melissa and everyone else at the Inspired Room, I am getting little things done!

BTW this was one thing on my get it done list. Our bedroom is not going to make the 2 week FINISHED deadline but there are a lot of little things getting done. That's what it takes. A lot of little things getting done.

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rachel @ perfectly imperfect said...

our heat just got turned on, too! isn't it WONDERFUL?! i was painting with frozen fingers, but not anymore. : )
i'm done for a little while... i had some deadlines to meet!
happy weekend,

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