18 October 2009

Ok, Feeling a Bit Foggy Brained.

It could be because it has been cold and rainy for the past week. So done with cold rain.

It could be because I haven't taken my niacin supplements in weeks. I ran out.

It could be because the video I am trying to finish for my moms surprise 70th is taking way too long. I know, it doesn't have to be perfect, but...

It could be because a website(s) I have been working on since, I don't know, January, is finally live. (I only organized and designed it. Did not program this huge site. Wouldn't even know where to start.) Now what?

It could be because my master bedroom is still not done. And Yes I am still putting other priorities first.

But I think its because one of my best friends just told me she was pregnant. 42 and not trying. Her first. :) Oh to be blessed.

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Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating said...

I'm right there with ya! I think I feel foggy-brained on most days. :) Actually, my problem is that I feel like I'm spinning my wheels. So much to do, and I seem to get so little of it done.

The website you designed is incredibe!! Very classy. You certainly have a good eye for that.

And if you want a little motivation for your master bedroom, I'm going to start hosting Progress Report Mondays on my blog for those of us with larger projects (I'm remodeling/redecorating my condo) that can't be finished in just a couple of days. I hope it will be an encouraging place for us to cheer one another along in our projects. Hope you'll check it out!

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