21 October 2009

Have You Ever Danced on A Bar?

I have. Once. On my wedding day. It was a tradition in the small town I got married in.

Jump up on the bar and dance in your wedding dress.

I am not one to draw attention to myself. Frankly, that day was tough for me for that reason alone. But I loved, loved, loved to be surrounded by my family and friends and... I loved hopping up on that big old piece of oak and dancing my heart out!

There was something so wild and carefree about it. Especially for me. I never did stuff like that. Never, not even as a kid. So serious. So responsible.

So whenever I am feeling a bit lost or down, I put on a great song and dance like a total idiot in my living room. Damn, if it doesn't pick me up!

So go ahead. Dance!


Update. I am stepping out again. This time to make my company all it can be.
I haven't been spreading much JOY lately, so I found a new determination. You can read about at justorganizeyourstuff.org.

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