10 October 2009

Steam Radiators Get New Bling.


Many of our radiators are still awaiting their makeovers. But yesterday they all got some new bling. Pretty silver air vents. I didn't know squat about steam radiators and after freezing our butts off last year I knew we needed to do something to avoid some really high gas bills this year.So here is what I know now,

  • Radiators don't need much looking after and they produce nice warm moist heat. When they work properly.

  • A clogged air vent will keep a steam radiator from heating up

  • A really old air vent will keep a steam radiator from heating up.

  • Air vents can sometimes be cleaned by boiling them in a water and vinegar solution.
    Which I tried last year but they should have been replaced.

  • There are two types of air vents, adjustable and standard.(In the photo, the top one is adjustable)

  • DSC01086

  • Typically there will be two adjustables house wide, one on the radiator nearest the boiler and one on the radiator farthest from the boiler. This apparently helps balance the distribution of steam. We had adjustables on every radiator.

  • Here's hoping our investment will produce a bit more heat.

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